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2021 Competition Season Update

​   We are sure that everyone is well aware of the hardships that are taking place in our nation(and the world) while we are still in the grips of COVID-19. Although there are many hopeful things on the horizon, many uncertainties still remain. For Absolute Dance Competition, the most difficult item has been the inability to properly plan for the rapidly approaching competition season. Planning for not only the logistics and ability to host any given event, but for proper safety and security protocols as well. Most of our venues are still not 100% sure of their ability to host a large event. Along with maintaining all state mandates, they are also having to adhere to other regulations from school systems, district offices, and private organizations.

   So, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the following shows…

 Feb. 12-14     Statesville, NC

 Feb. 26-28     Spartanburg, SC

 Mar. 5-7     Supply, NC

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this decision may cause. Any studios that have already submitted an Early Bird Special will receive a full refund of their deposit.

 Thank you all for your support! Hope to see you all very soon!​